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André Dubreuil

Andre Dubreuil

Franse ontwerper, geboren in 1951 in Lyon.

After his schooling and various courses with antique dealers, he travelled to England and worked there as an expatriate for some fifteen years. He first focused his attention on the iron bar, which he bent and transformed into all kinds of forms. This material resulted in chairs, wall lamps and chandeliers. He then took a different direction, exploring materials like copper, enamel, steel and glass beads for decorating mirrors. André Dubreuil is a craft artist, the absolute opposite of a designer. He is only interested in decorative art made luxuriously by hand, where each work is a unique item.

One of the most talented designers in London is Andre Dubreuil, whose firm is called A. D. Decorative Arts Limited.

Genoot begin jaren '70 een opleiding aan de Inchbald School of Design in Londen. He then worked as an antique dealer and interior architect, before beginning in 1985 to create furniture and objects out of forged iron in his metal workshop. For his creatively playful, ornate furniture, which is shown in exhibitions around the world, Dubreuil draws inspiration from the formal idiom of the Rococo.

In londen zochten in de jaren '80 ontwerpers als Tom Dixon en Dubreuil hun toevlucht in de romantiek. Zij ontwierpen stoelen met elegante en fantasievolle metalen zittingen. Deze lieden werkten zoals men zei "op intuitief niveau". Dubreuil ontwierp zijn eigen werken vanaf 1985 waarbij elegantie, hoge kwaliteit en poetische vormgeving zijn leidende principes waren.

André Dubreuil for Daum
In 1990 André Dubreuil designed a number of prestige pieces such as "Shangai", "Macao" and "Chantilly", together with the "Lacrima" collection where crystal tears seem to rise up out of hammered flat gold plates. Dubreuil plays with swirls, curves and counter-curves, ovals and views from below. He dilates or shrinks space, imprisoning the magic of glass in the rhythm of metal. Halfway between tension and vertigo, he rediscovers a Baroque splendour and exaggeration, making play with the power of seduction.

2005 'Awakening: La France Mandarine', Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai and Beijing
1998 'The Oriental Curiousity: 21st Century Chinoiserie', Contrasts Gallery, Hong Kong
1996 'André Dubreuil - Master Craftsman', Contrasts Gallery, Hong Kong
1994 'From Desmalter to Dubreuil', Contrasts Gallery, Hong Kong
1993 Solo exhibition, Gladys Mougin, Paris
1990 Solo exhibition, Gladys Mougin, Paris - Grand Palais, Paris
1989 Solo exhibition, Hamilton Gallery, London
1989 Theoreme -with Tom Dixon and Mark Brazier-Jones, Brussels
1988 Solo exhibition, Gallery Gastou, Paris
1987 Exhibition with Neotu, with Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Paris
1986 Exhibition with Tom Dixon, and Jasper Morrison, Shiseido, Tokyo
1986 Exhibition with Muriel Kanazich, New York
1986 Themes and Variations, London
1986 Neotu, Paris
1986 Solo Exhibition, Mureil Karasich, New York
1985 Exhibition with Tom Dixon and Mark Brazier-Jones, Cut Gallery, London

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