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Aperture is a quarterly photography magazine based in New York, New York, USA. The magazine is published by Aperture Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to fine art photography. The foundation also publishes books on photography.

Inspired by the unrivaled production-quality of Alfred Stieglitz's then defunct Camera Work, Aperture magazine was founded by Minor White, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, Nancy Newhall and Beaumont Newhall, Melton Ferris and Dody Warren. Photographer Minor White edited the magazine, from its first issue in 1952 until 1975. White died in 1976.

Both Aperture magazine and its book publishing arm are now run by the nonprofit arts institution the Aperture Foundation. In 2003, the Foundation instituted the first Aperture/Michael E. Hoffman Award, in memory of Michael E. Hoffman (d. 2001), who was Aperture's Publisher for thirty-seven years.

The magazine was forced to close in 1964. Hoffman, a close friend and former student of then editor Minor White, later restored the magazine, becoming its publisher and adopting a quarterly format.

Aperture's book publication program began a year later in 1965, with Edward Weston: The Flame of Recognition, one of Aperture's bestsellers

The magazine helped publish a catalogue by photographer Diane Arbus, a year after her death.[2] MoMA curator John Szarkowski was organising an Arbus retrospective in 1972, but the catalogue had been rejected by all the major publishing houses in the United States and Europe. Aperture agreed to publish Arbus' catalogue and it was released in time for the show as Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph.

In 1984, Aperture also published The Golden Age of British Photography, 1839-1900, which featured restored, British Victorian Era photography.

The Aperture Foundation now sponsors limited edition portfolios, lectures, conferences and touring gallery exhibitions. In 2005, it opened a gallery for fine art photography in New York.

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