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Annette Wehrmann

Duits kunstenares, geboren 1961 bij Hamburg, leeft en werkt in Hamburg.

2007 Skulptur Projekte Münster 07: Project: Aaspa - Wellness am See
'Anyone who has gone swimming on a warm summer's day only to emerge from the water not like a snow-white swan, but covered in mud […] will rejoice at the sight of the new municipal swimming baths opened to the public this morning,' wrote the Münsterischer Anzeiger on June 11, 1888.

Now, well over a century later, aquatic pleasures are still all the rage. A center dedicated to fitness and well-being will soon be built at this prime location on the shores of Lake Aa. The construction site has been prepared, containers and distribution boxes are in place, and the trees have been wrapped in plastic sheets to prevent damage from construction vehicles. The sign posted at the site shows us how the building will eventually look - a dome-shaped, perfectly round glass structure, supported by struts. In bright red letters, it reads 'AaSpa - Health and Fitness at the Lake.'

At this very spot AaFit+Well, Ltd. is building a spa hotel, and what passers-by see is the first stage in its construction. Once completed, the complex will cover most of the surrounding meadows. Already, a hoarding is blocking a sizeable part of Münster's local recreational area - a no-go zone created by the artist. During the exhibition, as the work begins the building site will change and grow. But whether this paradisiacal spa center will really be built is something that the visitors will not learn until the end of the season. Perhaps along with the summer the construction site will disappear altogether, leaving nothing behind - except, perhaps, a bit of a shock.

Annette Wehrmann has produced performances and temporary, critical interventions in urban settings since the 1990s.


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