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George Whiting Flagg

American painter of historical scenes and genre pictures from New Haven, Connecticut (June 26, 1816 - January 5, 1898). He was the brother of the artist Jared Bradley Flagg.

Both Flagg brothers studied painting under their uncle, Washington Allston.

Later in life, George Flagg studied theology and entered the ministry, but eventually he would returned to painting, mainly portraiture, during his declining years.

Notable works
George Whiting Flagg's early work included Boy Listening to a Ghost Story, A Young Greek, and Jacob and Rachel at the Well.

A painting entitled the Murder of the Princes, from Richard Ill, procured Flagg the patronage of Luman Reed, a merchant and businessman from New York City, through whose aid he spent three years studying in Europe, and afterward lived for six years in London.

Another of George Flagg's early paintings, Lady Jane Grey Preparing for Execution, was to make him famous. His fame quickly waned, however, as historical painting became progressively less fashionable.

Among his best known works should be mentioned Landing of the Pilgrims; Landing of the Atlantic Cable; Washington Receiving his Mother's Blessing, which has been frequently engraved; The Good Samaritan; and Columbus and the Egg (1867). George Flagg's The Match Girl, Haidee, and The Scarlet Letter were painted while he was living in London.

In 1851, George Whiting Flagg was elected to be a member of the National Academy of Design.

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