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Marko Lehanka

Duitse kunstenaar, geboren in 1961 te Herborn, Hessen, leeft en werkt in Frankfurt and Butzbach.

In his anti-formalist approach, German sculptor Marko Lehanka combines diverse media and materials such as carved wood, sawn off surfboards, folk art souvenirs and thrift shop style paintings. Echoing organic growth, his work is constantly metamorphosing, as older works are modified in new settings. Lehanka's work was included in the 2001 Venice Biennale and Skulptur Projekte 2007 in Münster.

Marko Lehanka wants to install a huge flower. The petals are made of surfboards, the calyx consists of a monitor and speakers, connected to a computer. The flower attracts passers-by, to tell them stories. The computer replaces the author: Lehanka has spent several years developing a software, that generates stories about Münster, on the basis of words stored in the memory of the computer. Through the speakers, the audience can hear the computer telling the stories, and can read the words on the screen. The end is always the same: All stories end with the death of the protagonist. An irritating reading, indeed.

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