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Simon Schrikker

zonder titel, 60x80 cm, olie op doek, 2003, collectie CBK Rotterdam !

Nederlandse kunstenaar, geboren in 1973 te Utrecht. Woont en werkt in Rotterdam. Zijn oeuvre bestaat voornamelijk uit grote olieverf schilderijen.

Website: Schilderen/tekenen/grafiek aan Minerva, academie voor beeldende kunsten, (Bachelor) Groningen
1998 1998 uitwisseling kon. academie schone kunsten Gent Belgiƫ
1999-2001 Schilderen/autonome kunst aan het Dutch Art Institute (MFA), Enschede

2002 Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam
2005 Productiesubsidie, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam
2005 productiesubsidie, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam
2006 Basistipendium, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam

Publieksprijs Koninklijke Schilderprijs 2005

Simon Schrikker: '"gedrag" vormt de rode draad in mijn werk. Ik gebruik honden om dit weer te geven om een zo groot mogelijke anonimiteit te bereiken. Het individu is niet relevant, het gedrag van individuen in het algemeen wel. Ik maak werk meestal vanuit een gelijkwaardig standpunt waarbij hond tegenover hond, maar ook mens tegenover mens staat. Het beeld wordt bepaald door een keuze in kijken, zoals wij alleen steeds een keuze maken uit alles wat we binnen ons blikveld willen zien.'

Websites: Simon Schrikker, a painter based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will be featured in his first exhibition in the United States. Schrikker will feature new paintings in a solo show titled 'Unleashed' at the Carl Berg Gallery. This exhibition will feature a series of paintings depicting dogs that are portrayed in expressive and sometimes violently aggressive poses.

The images of these dogs, which are culled from the Internet, are portrayed as wild beasts, not as the domesticated version we are so familiar with. These paintings are not painted in a realistic technique but instead are painted in a more gesturally aggressive expressionistic manner as Schrikker's approach to painting powerfully coexists with his subject matter. Schrikker states, 'Physical reality must always coexist with suggested reality. A painting doesn't work if I hold back in making it. I think that's my personal mark; the last measure I take should be physically recognizable.' Schrikker's distinctive style of large sweeping brush strokes and almost messy drippings, coupled with a dark palette on large canvases are highlighted with moments where the painter punctuates the innate character of his subject. For Schrikker, the dog image has provided him a vehicle to intrinsically express, as he describes, his 'furious instinctual urge to paint.' It is not per se his interest to paint dogs, but rather to use this subject to portray his interest in painting.Schrikker further states that, 'The subject of the dog and the style of the painting let me call up particular feelings without specifically naming them, but they're feelings that are related to my portrayal of mankind. The work portrays emotional states such as fear and aggressions, but without emphasizing that too literally.' In this body of work Schrikker's frenzied approach to the canvas is met with horror as he unleashes the beast to the viewer.

Schrikker was a finalist for the Queen's (Beatrix) Painting Prize in 2005, The Netherlands, and followed with an exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, The Netherlands that same year. Schrikker is in the collection of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague as well many private collections.

Contact information: Carl Berg or www.carlberggallery.com Gallery Info: Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM or by appointment Contact: Carl Berg or Veronica Soto 6018 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90036 tel. 323-931-6060 fax. 323-931-6020

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