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Adeline André

Franse modeontwerpster en hoofd van één van de tien haute couture modehuizen in Parijs.

She was born in Bangui, French Equatorial Africa and studied at the School of the Syndicate Chamber of Parisian Couture. After her graduation in 1970 she entered the House of Christian Dior as an assistant for Haute Couture collections, working with Marc Bohan. In 1981 she formed her own designer house Adeline André. That same year she also registered her most famous fashion innovation, the "three sleeve hole" at the French National Intellectual Property Institute. In 1982 she registered it with the World Intellectual Property Organization. An example of this sleeve is in the collections of French Fashion Museum, the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Fashion Museum in Lisbon.

In May 1997, Adeline Andre became an invited member of the Syndicate Chamber of Parisian Couture. She is currently the head designer at the fashion house that bears her name.

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